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Who is Frankly?





The value that Katie brings is her understanding that good design isn’t about ‘wow factor’ or just bells and whistles, good design is about how a home makes you feel.

Passionate about creating spaces that are inspired by the people who use them, Katie brings a unique approach to her design process. She believes in creating homes that work hard for their money, are beautiful no matter the budget, and their owners love to live in.

Taking the time to get to know her clients, she creates designs that are as functional as they are fantastic. Spaces that work both now and into the future. Enabling her clients to move forward with their projects with clarity and confidence.

With a background in Architectural, Interior and Kitchen design Katie is able to guide you through each of the design decisions that make up your home. Complemented by her experience of working with multiple different councils she is able to simplify the process of navigating councils and the consenting process.



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