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Brand Rebel Studio was built from the belief that you deserve a brand that showcases how brilliant you are.

Your brand has the power to transform how business works for you. Get it right and your brand will help you attract the right clients, own your space and deepen brand loyalty. It will massively increase credibility, showcase your expertise and allow you to charge what you're worth.

I want you to have all of that and more.



I take a strategic, creative, instinctive and holistic approach to branding, founded on deep insight and a process developed across more than two decades. I prefer to eschew the surface-level and the aesthetic-only in favour of the long lasting, the deep impacting and the resonant. And instead prioritise sustainable growth over fast wins or quick fixes.

I’m here to help you create a brand that truly connects at the right level. One that allows you to own your space with utter magnificence and creates real traction. One that sparks an instinctive ‘I need that in my life’ response. One that that moves people to act and to engage, that builds profound loyalty and sets you up to thrive.

Your brand holds incredible power, let’s create something truly magnificent.

With nearly three decades in the business, extensive mentoring and consulting experience and the insights I’ve gained from founding, my own design agency, I’m uniquely placed to help you create the most captivating brand possible in the most joyful, inspirational and commercially advantageous way.


I want to help you create a truly show-stopping, end-to-end brand experience that will move your business forwards and I look forward to supporting you every step of the way.


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I'm actually pretty speechless and so overwhelmed at the pure fucking awesomeness. This. This is it. I love it. It's amazing. You're amazing. Everything about it is perfection. Literally all of it is perfection.

Carly Foster, Lucky Sew and Sew


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Freelance brand creative direction services

Brand Strategy

Move your business forward with a strategy that fits


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